Symmetry in patterns

Hand Crafted works of art that showcase the beauty and common relationship of symmetric patterns.

This ceramic earthenware depicts wild animal cropped inside a floral pattern. The tile work shown is perfectly symmetrical. The patterns are easily distinguishable in this piece. This piece is a great example of patterns in symmetry.
This beautiful piece of art features two peacocks as the main point of interest. Various ornate patterns make up the foreground. This arrangement was designed with perfect symmetry in mind. Another perfect example of patterns in symmetry.
This is a great example of how mankind is drawn naturally to symmetrical patterns, repetition, and texture. Symmetrical art is found in many religious and ceremonial artifacts. This monolith has perfect visual balance.
Floral patterns are very common in symmetrical works. This is likely because many if not most plants in the real world are perfectly symmetrical. This piece has a cool natural luster and the balance of the patterns are sound.
this crafted work represents the functionality of Symmetrical designs while embracing its potential for beauty. This victorian like piece of work shows that after the turn of the 18th century, Symmetrical patterns are here to stay.
This street art was clearly designed with symmetry in mind as the artist tried to make a mirror like image emitting from the center focal point. reflections always create a basic level of patterns at the least.
This design features two by two rows of perfectly symmetrical depictions of peacocks and dragons surrounded by floral design. Together as a whole this piece creates an immaculate pattern. This shows how symmetry can take the idea of existing works and make it much more intricate
This fantastic and colorful street art painting is another clear representation of the appeal to symmetry in art. It gives balance to the individual patterns while making the entire composition a pattern as a whole. The styling of this piece has repeating patterns and ideas expressed in all portions of this piece.
This exquisite Textile is a gorgeous piece that is heavily covered in symmetrical patterns. The main constructs of the piece consist of a rabbit, bird, and several floral and ornate designs. Repeating these patterns over and over have created the the lush composition we see here.
This bedspread features floral repeating patterns stemming from each of the six quadrants. breaking up each quadrant are varying symmetrical patterns paired in twos and are equally divided between smaller repeating floral patterns representing the node points of each quadrant.
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