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Lindsey Koper. In this world, there is one feeling out there that can conquer all the others. That feeling is love. When you think of love, you think of it as a bright and powerful feeling. You think of it as a whirlwind of craziness and unexpected elements. That’s what my gallery is all about. 

This picture has a lot of different color and painting techniques going on. Its all over the place, just like love. The colors are mostly warm, with an outer layer of cool colors which is a perfect depiction of love, because you never feel only the good.
This painting is very vibrant to the eye and has a mix of two different patterns. When you compare this painting to love, you see how one pattern is very smooth and easy, while the painting of the rose in the middle is all over the place. Yet at the same time, the whole thing is crazy, just like love.
Love isn’t always sunshine and colorful rainbows; it has its dark times too. In this picture there is an uneven mix of black and red splattered on the canvas. The colors are dueling, just as people can when their in love.
This picture is very calming. It shows cool, relaxing colors and while looking at this photo you feel like you’re a small piece of something much bigger. Yet when you are in love, you feel like its your whole world.
When I first saw this picture, I felt like the person who made it very much loved this person, and wanted to show them through their own eyes. It shows how every angle of this person is beautiful to them, and how much they loved them.
This picture depicts a love note, which is broken up into four pieces. When all of it is put together, the love is whole, but there is always a chance that a piece of that love can slip away, and if it did, this picture, along with the persons love, would be incomplete.
This picture is made up of a bunch of crazy colored balloons. Its all fun and exciting, but there are some popped ones on the bottom of the image, which depicts the struggles that people who are in love go through.
I believe the best types of love, are the ones that you have to fight for. Some people would cross a stormy ocean, like in this picture, for the one that they truly love. A love like that is something that anyone would be lucky enough to find.
This picture shows a bunch of colorful, happy birds drinking from the same water bowl. They share the water together because they all care for each other and want each other to be happy, just like when people are in love. Sharing is something that makes every relationship you have, a strong one.
This is my favorite photo to define love. There is a mix of every kind of color and it is all over the place. Sometimes, love can drive you absolutely insane, to the point where you want to scream your head off, but we will always go back for another ride.
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