By the sea

A collection of artworks with a wide range of different mediums are presented in this exhibition to give an insight based on the ocean and how artists visual the landscape. It displays different artworks particularly relating to the beach and shows a sense of flow between the artworks. The 15 selected artworks all have some kind of relation to each other depending on how you view the artwork as it shows and represents the theme, ‘By the Sea’ and has a connection between each other and the theme of the exhibition. In this exhibition, there are varieties of artworks, from cultural to post-modern and structural to subjective. There is also the experience of having audio guidance whereby you can hear a description about a particular artwork. These selected artworks vary from the years of creations whereby the artworks were made from 1884 - 2015. This exhibition displays that beaches can be viewed differently and show effective meaning behind the artworks through painting, video installations, sculptures, photography and many other forms of art. This exhibition will take you on a journey through the wonders of art.

Cultural: 'Boat at Skagen's South Beach' is an oil on canvas artwork that is w49 x h36 cm (Without frame). It was created in 1884 and is located in Skagens Museum. The artwork displays an old-fashioned boat whereby is placed on the sand.In the distance, you can also see old-fashioned housing and barns. This shows the culture of what the landscape looked like in that time and how society and the environment have changed due to new technology and better resources.
Audio Guide: The artwork 'Pacific Beaches' was created in 1898 by Albert Hanson and is displayed at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This painting is 1277cm width by 765cm height. The colours on the painting are warm colours that complement each aspect in the painting. The beach looks isolated from people and seem to be an island from looking into the distance of the artwork.
Structural: This artwork,'On the Beach, Ogunquit, Maine' was created in 1924. It is displayed at Huntington Museum of Art. The painting shows people sitting on the sand looking into the ocean and others standing, playing in the water. The artwork is painted with bright colours and has intense lighting. The painting is w16 x h12 inches. This painting was created by oil on panel.
Post-Modern: 'Tide' was created in 2008 by Siyon Jin. This artwork is displayed at the Korean Art Museum Association. 'Tide' is a video installation whereby uses '6channel' video, sensor, motor and projector. Due to new technology from the current generation,it challenges the mainstream of other forms of creating art. This body of art movements contradicts some aspects of modernism and aspects that developed/ is created.
Audio Guide: The painting 'A child on the Beach' was created in 2008 and is located at the Korean Art Museum Association. The painting is 2000cm width by 1000cm height. The painting displays a realistic visual of a deserted town at night whereby the tone and shade of the colours are dark and seem gloomy. The green and reds seen at the bottom however creates a sense of similarity to what a sleepwalker might see.
Subjective: Within this artwork,'Cosmic Ocean',there are a wide range of objects whereby are scattered within the ocean. The colours of the artwork are warm whereby aren't bright and stand out. There are different kinds of shaped trees in different colours, several red, green and black. There are also several mermaids in the artwork. Their tails are multi-coloured and look like it's abstract. I like this artwork, simply because of the wide variety of colours and characteristics within the artwork. I think behind the artwork, it informs us that water comes in a wide range of different variations whereby is filled with both beauty and danger
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