Surrealism in the walls - Anthony Van Zandt

The overall theme of this gallery is exploring the surreal aspect of street art. Whether it is a spiritual surrealism that is emulated through the piece or a literal interpretation of a world within the walls. Each piece is not only a reflection of its artist, but takes you on a journey into the dreams of the artist and their view of the impossible.

In this piece, the artist is depicting a medallion with their name strewn over it. The surreal element of this painting is the atmosphere which surrounds the wall the medallion is depicted upon.
This piece depicts a human's face coming out of the chaos of a jungle of letters and colors. The surreal element of this picture is the ghostly movement of the face depicted through the color behind.
The chaos of a street artist's life in a futuristic world unlike our own. The surreal element of this piece comes from many sources, such as the futuristic city with the milky way in the night sky.
There's always a bigger fish. The surreal element to this piece is the depiction of different species eating each other in sequence within a shapeless green void.
The contemplative child. The surreal element to this piece is the abstraction of space from the child's reality. It focuses only on the child and the endless choices implied by the blue background.
The piece depicts the agony of three figures fusing together with flesh and bone. The depiction of the exaggerated stretching and fusion of the faces brings this piece full steam ahead to the surreal.
A patchwork beast is ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey. The patchwork beast is the embodiment of the surreal, its nightmarish patchwork appearance can only be from the recesses of the neocortex.
Different creatures are climbing out of the portraits in which they are trapped. The surreal is very apparent from the praying skeleton to the smiling frog-creature. Each one with a different task.
A guru smoking a pipe and a geisha girl consulting a skeleton. This piece is truly surreal; from the four eyed guru, to the tongue-wagging skeleton. The imagination of this artist is truly displayed.
Credits: All media
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