these lines are the illest things my spherical orbs of vision have ever bestowed upon. The beauty may have tampered with my ocular sense but my future inability to see will not be lost in agony.
This consists of just vertical lines some are black and some are white. The lines are parallel so they will never cross. These line give of a very simple vibe.
There are mainly vertical lines but there is also a zigzag. The lines are black but some are thicker and darker which makes them stand out with the white background. It gives off a very lonely vibe.
Mostly zigzag lines that just looks like just scribbles to me but each symbol actually mean something like a language. A very smooth vibe.
Diagonal lines that are creating shapes. All super organized and seems symmetric but its not.Gives off an orderly vibe.
Mostly diagonal lines some black or shades of blue. Create some kind of pattern very organized and symmetric. Gives a confused vibe.
A bunch of curved lines getting closer creating darker areas also there are some implied lines. The contour lines make it seem almost 3D. it gives off a busy vibe.
Curved lines and loops creating some type of symbols. there is also a diagonal contour line that makes it seem on side is closer. very random vibe.
Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines coming together making a symmetrical shape giving off a very simple vibe.
the lines are all over the place giving it a crazy or hectic vibe, they are different colors and sizes making it seem like some lines are closer than others.
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