Art Gallery Project: A Christmas Carol

By Hannah Silversmith

"Many can't go there; and many would rather die."(pg 6,this is when the two gentlemen are talking to Scrooge about the prisons and Union workhouses) This picture shows women picking cotton in a field these women may be slaves or they may be receiving a small salary. This relates to the poor people of England, they would do what they needed to do to support their family or to just receive food for themselves. There were few jobs available for these people. These were jobs in factories where people could become seriously injured from dealing with the machinery.
"...He was a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, Scrooge! a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, coevetous old sinner!"(pg 2) The majority of wealthy people were greedy, they did not share their wealth during this time period. This picture depicts the feeling that the wealthy had about money, it was the center of their life.
"This boy is Ignorance. This girl is want. Beware them both."(pg 49) This picture represents Scrooge's or the wealthy people's wants. The wealthy people should have not ignored the poor people like Scrooge ignored them. The wealthy needed to control their want even though like this picture there is so much that they are able to get. By controlling their wants they may have been able to have a slightly better economy.
"Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts sir."(pg 5) This picture of Juliet depicts the poor people of England. She is desperately saddened because she has just lost the love of her life, just like how the poor people of England are deeply saddened of have lost rights and money.
"...Some laborers...had lighted a great fire in a brazier, round which a party of ragged men and boys were gathered:warming their hands and winking their eyes before the blaze in the rapture."(pg 7) This picture describes this quote because, the poor people in England during this time were very desperate. They did not always have what we needed, the majority of them had rags.
"The ways were foul and narrow; the shops and houses wretched; the people half-naked, drunken,slipshod,ugly."(pg 53) In this picture, this family is in despair, they do not have much and they have looks of disappointment on their faces. The houses and shops that the poor owned as described in the quote were wretched or in other words they were, not appealing. Through the eyes of a wealthy person, a poor person was ugly.
"I am sure we shall none of us forget poor Tiny Tim..."(pg 61) In this picture many things are going on, but the most noticeable thing is the baby that is falling over the railing. During this harsh time many children died, whether it was from working at a factory, or that there parents could not support them.
"But they were happy, grateful, pleased with one another."(pg 42, this page is where Scrooge recognizes happiness) The man in this picture is evidently happy, yet he does not have much. Scrooge also found that some poor people were happy with what they had. He as a wealthy man recognizes that he should be grateful too, since he has more than them.
"Although they had but that moment left the school behind them they were now in the busy thoroughfares of a city, where shadowy passengers passed and repassed; where shadowy carts and coaches battled for the way..."(pg23) This picture shows the glumness of England. As it says in the quote, it was very shadowy and dark. This shows that they may not have had that strong of an economy since they could not afford to update structures.
"This is the even-handed dealing of the world!" he said. "There is nothing on which it is so hard as poverty; and there is nothing it professes to condemn with such severity as the pursuit of wealth!"(pg 27) Scrooge fears the world to much, that is why his love left him. In this picture there are two poor women on the left and two rich men on the right. The same thing that happened to Scrooge may have happened to them. The two men may have gained more money but they also gained pride and greed over it, and their loves left them, so now they are on separate sides.
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