Humanism exhibit

Humanism is the value of humans. I chose this subject because our class visited it in the Renaissance unit and I would like to see how it is portrayed in art. 

This tempera painting reflects humanism because even though the subject is of a god, the god resembles the human body. Its shape is almost exact to a human shape. If the human anatomy is important enough to feature in a painting, it must be valued.
This ink painting displays the theme of humanism because it shows a part of human anatomy. This is an example of people exploring humans and showing an interest in the human body. This painting is also detailed so it is clear the painter put in effort to make it seem realistic; this shows he valued the way the human body looked in his painting. Therefore, he must wanted to have drawn attention to the details and aesthetics of the human foot.
This sculpture is an example of humanism because it displays humans in a positive way (strong, powerful etc.) It shows that humans are happy (i.e., the smiling face of the human portrayed in the sculpture). The very idea that this sculpture is of a human is an example of humanism already.
This oil painting shows humanism because the subject is of something humans value. The merchant is this painting is something that is important in society to humans. By painting a merchant, this shows that the painter may value merchants or consider them an ideal subject to paint. Therefore, by valuing the merchant or taking an interest in the merchant, humanism is present.
This artifact of a bugle flute shows humanism because it is an item of entertainment. The idea of entertainment is present in humanism, because it is something that makes human life better and more enjoyable. Therefore, it is an item that is made because humans value each other.
This crayon painting shows humanism because it is a displays of humans themselves. Instead of gods or nature being painted, Maunel Filipe chose a family to paint. This shows that he must value humans or take an interest in them. This could also be about him considering the opinion of his audience, which shows humanism.
Credits: All media
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