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War has been a controversial topic in history. Universally it is seen as a terrible consequence of being human. War is a nightmarish experience for anyone involved in it. War has been represented in many mediums, but paintings especially provide a more emotional journey into the horrors of violence. Using color and juxtaposing themes, artists can show both sides of war, the victims and the attackers, in one image. *WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES*                                                    

Littered with weapons and armor, the spoils of war is used by a man with either his lover or prisoner. This painting shows a lighter side of war, showing more of the positive aspects of war, with the victor coming back to admire what he has done. The women covered in white appears purer than the brown stained war objects around her.
The foreground and background can be separate paintings themselves with each one meaning something else. In the foreground we can see the triumph of war, while in the back we see the destruction and misery it causes. Prisoners of war are distraught about their future, while the victors celebrate in their win and prosper.
The front of the images show the people largely affected by the war, while behind them is the incoming army. The child in the all white dress by herself, who stands out in the crowd from the dirty and poor families around her. She looks scared for her future and what's to come.
The sick and maimed gather around to be treated in the middle of war. People who signed their life away suddenly regret that they considered joining the war that led them to their deaths. Red paint is used all around the image, but most noticeably in the sunset behind the destruction, juxtaposing beautiful with destruction.
While there is shooting at the bottom of the image, near the top there is a man reaching for the heavens, towards the white sky breaking apart the dark clouds. A man reaches for hope in dark times, praying for divine intervention, showing the duality between men during war.
The most promising depiction of war in the gallery, this painting shows the making of shells used in war. One of the advantages of war is the economic boom and jobs coming from the supplies needed. The orange and red one the molten shells appear to bleed, like the destruction that these shells will bring.
A pile of skulls is pecked away by crows in a desert. The formation of the skulls implies that humans built this monument. In the distance there's a civilization, almost like this is a warning to others for trying to attack.
The few rule over the many in this painting showing a man with a weapon commanding the cowardly and afraid group of unknown people. In front of the group of people, children cower together separated, illuminated by an unknown light. They are most certainly the spoils of war to the attackers.
A mother with her son cries over the lost of her lover, another casualty of war. The piercing red in the sky show a world engulfed by fire. The man is presumably just a civilian, not even a soldier in the war. The mother crying is heart-wrenching to watch as she condemns the people who did this to her.
The most modern painting in this collection is a painting depicting a grotesque rendition of the statue of liberty painted with war. Rivers of blinding red blood soak up a sinking city. The blue sky contrasts with the red river, but turns to a dark gray/black as the war goes on.
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