The Color of Joy

This piece shows the joy between lovers before they share a sweet kiss.
Looks like a sunset in which brings on a sense of peace and joy.
The piece looks like the night is lit up for fun and happiness within city life.
Looking at this may bring a sense of playfulness and joy like that of a child with its bright colors and unique style.
The model being yellow may represent her as the muse bringing joy to the painter.
The heart is yellow to show the joy of love and how it watches over.
The yellows in the piece show a joyful dance of the stars.
The yellow is enveloping the darkness showing the power of joy.
The intense characters are in red and the happy and carefree characters are in yellow showing how the characters contrast.
The yellow in the smileys truly brings out a sense of happiness, since smileys are the universal symbol of joy.
This piece is showing the cyclist in pure joy of either victory or just having a chance to ride his bike. He just looks so excited.
These children are having fun playing in the rain together with their happy little umbrellas.
This cat has the cheshire smile indicating his mischievous joy.
This woman is enjoying her daily routine of reading the newspaper while wearing her lovely yellow hat with the sunlight coming in.
These garbage cans are very cleverly used to create smileys and to indicate joy regardless of the trash.
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