A Comparison

This historical analysis and comparison  was completed by a student of American History utilizing resources available through the Google Cultural Institute (GCI) and other internet resources. The origin of the source if not from GCI is given in respective captions and additional details are available upon request.

African Americans in the 20th century and before were poorly treated and they fighted for equality. These following images will show you what they did and who helped them get to where they are today. There were many other groups that had to go through this, not just African Americans and Women.
This was the Bus that the driver asked Rosa Parks to move to the Black section so a white person could sit down.
They are comparable because they both had to fight for similar things and the outcome was similar. Women got the right to vote and African Americans got the right to vote as well.
But they are also different because of the goals of the two. The women's goals were to gain the privilege for the right to vote and to improve working conditions and increase pay for women. While the goals of the African Americans were to end racial segregation and discrimination.
She was the president of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) for 40 years.
Women went through the struggle of not having equality for many many years. These following pictures will help you understand the struggle that they went through.
This was when the African Americans didn't ride the bus because two women were asked to move to the Black section and one was kicked off a bus.
I feel like the Women's movement was more successful because they had more goals to lean towards and those goals happened. The 19th amendment for women's voting and the wages and working conditions were better after their movement.
She is one of the leaders of the Women's Movement
This was taken at the March on Washington in 1963
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