Sarah Margaret Sandlin- Review of Elements of art and design

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Line- Many of the lines are implied especially in the nerves of the mans hand Value- The use of shadows in the man's hand creates realism, while also adding three dimension Texture- I would say the texture is definitely simulated, while being very soft looking throughout the picture
Value- Many of the colors used in this picture create a sense of realism, and three dimension by the different lights and darks from shades of colors where the light hits it. Form/Volume- Many of the shapes have a sense of realism with the way the artist depicts the item. For example the mountains look three dimensional or have a sense of form because of the different shades of colors to create realism. Color- The colors definitely correspond to nature, and depict the season of fall. Many of the colors have a warm tone, and the colors seen are mostly bright. Space- The space creates a sense of depth throught the picture. The colors up front are brighter than the colors used in the mountains,which overlap.
Color- The colors are very bright and exciting and most definitely correspond to nature. Value- Value is seen all throughout the picture with the different shades of colors used in the flowers. This creates three dimension.
Line- Most of the lines are vertical or at an angle and mainly direct you to the buildings in the picture Shape- Many of the shapes such as the buildings, windows, and sidewalks are very geometric, and for the most part, simple shapes Space- The space in this picture is considered deep space and gives a sense of perspective
Value- Between the many different light and dark of the colors in this picture, there is definitely a sense of value shown to create three dimensionality Space- The space seen in this picture is positive, with its main focus on the trees. The space is deep space, and gives and illusion of depth Colors- The colors seen in this picture are very dull, and for the most part they correspond to nature, which make you think of a sunset during the spring or summer.
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