Feeling Blue - Drew mleynek

This gallery displays how a solitary color can parade many different sentiments. The phrase "Feeling blue" typically is used to reveal sadness or depression; however, in this exhibition I will prove it can also mean the opposite. All while using the same color, this gallery will present despondency, exuberance, and trepidation sentiments.

We are presented with a peaceful, soothing, solitary landscape. A bridge is seen in the distance with a train chugging across. Below the train, a single home is distinguished. The majority of this painting is blue. However, you do not feel depressed or sad by the sight of it. By this paintings standard, feeling blue can mean happy.
A wintry, dark, desolate, mountain range is covered by a deep, sable, strident forest. Fathomless blue peaks rest below an exorbitant glittering luminous star in an ocean of night sky. Not only does this radiant painting make the viewer feel detached and gelid. It also invokes a heinous feeling of trepidation.
A cool, crisp, starless night championed by a full, limpid moon sets the stage for this admirable and timeless painting. The large, delicate painting displays a quiescent serenity available to all who gaze upon it. The gentle effulgence from the moon creates a feel of peace, hope, and comforting blue.
A dejected woman stands at her mantel, in front of a looking glass. Her face displays a disconsolate gaze as she tenderly arranges an assortment of prepossessing fulvous flowers. Blue is the prominent color in this painting giving a tenacious sensation of dysphoria and qualm. Feelings of despair and regret creep into my thoughts and I find that blue can be a depressing color.
An intriguing solace place-setting crowns this cobalt work of art with feelings of enjoying a delicious, luxuriate cup of Earl Gray tea. Many different shades of sapphire, azure, and cerulean adhere a message of reserved amity. This blue morning conveys a peaceful, relaxing message to all viewers who gaze upon it.
Positioned in front of a deep verdant backdrop, the subject wears exhaustion as well as a blue smock. His countenance speaks almost as clearly as the ultramarine message his shirt is blatantly sending. Although the world has handed him the results of a battered life, the smock declares an earnestness and strength that keeps this painting on its feet.
Deep blue emotion covers the shore line with beryl feelings of allegorical testimonies. The extensive heavens provide the necessary sustenance for the reflective abilities for which the ocean boasts. The glory of this work of art truly is the voice of the renowned heavens being proclaimed again by the ocean. The shadowed image pales in significance when measured by the power of the blue.
The northern lights typically are very peaceful and beautiful. You see the jagged luminous spikes of the aurora borealis displayed in many different shades of sapphire and jade. The way it is portrayed here can be unsettling. This art piece give a mysterious response to most viewers. In this instance, blue feels complex and mystifying.
Vulnerable, despondent and apprehensive, this intimidating work of art offers its viewer an opportunity to be overcome by its power. Join the boisterous shades of blue, which cast out a darkness that can be felt. Twisted skeletal timbers cage the lost soul with inescapable feelings of bitter and frigid helplessness.
One grotesque character is pictured resting on the moon pointing below at the stars. Another daunting figure is portrayed holding a stick while smoke flows from her head. The color blue depicted in this painting brings a creepy and unsettling feeling to most viewers. Not only is this art disturbing, it brings a sense of anxiety as well.
Credits: All media
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