My theme for my exhibition is Sea life. Sea life has a wide range different living things from wonderful sea creatures to exquisite coral species. The idea of sea creatures can be transformed by many different artists and sculptors and thus, the simplicity of the sea creature can be warped and changed into many new and exciting concepts. This exhibition aims to embody the essence of sea life but warp it into another idea that aims to entice and excite viewers.

This artwork, made by Mark Catesby, shows a simple yet detailed image of a brown hawksbill turtle with its newborn eggs in the hole she dug.
'Plastic fish' by Lee Yongbaek, is a beautiful oil painting of fish bait imitating real life sea creatures using vibrant colours to catch the audience's attention.
This once living loggerhead turtle has been preserved and taken to art galleries to be displayed as a natural artwork, which explicitly relates to my theme as these turtles are common in our sea life.
This artwork of a turtle evidences the Cultural Frame by using the idea of aboriginal painting styles on Australian rock.
This painting by Abraham van Beijeren, evidences the Subjective Frame, it creates a sorrowful mood seeing the dead fish, crabs etc making us feel sympathy for the animals.
This interesting preservation of small fish lets us study and observe the tiny details on the fish such as it's eyes and scales.
This wonderful and unique artwork of flounder fish by Eric Hochberg portrays great relation to the sea life as it uses ocean-like colours.
This fascinating preservation of a giant squid engages the audience because of its size and ability to come so close to it to admire its small details and how they work.
This artistic artifact of a golden fish evidences the Postmodern frame as is made up of many different symbolic designs that have a further-in-depth meaning.
This delicate piece of sculptured marble made in the shape of a small cup has a beautiful fish design which conveys my sea life exhibition theme.
This magnificent artifact designed and made by Lalique Rene is made up of eye-catching detailed markings to give the fish more effect and texture.
This creative drawing, by Sebastion Simonet, shows a shark as a puppet with strings attatched.
This unique ink drawing by Eric Hochberg shows three fish by using only the colour blue making different shades to create texture and a more 3D effect.
This simple yet mesmerising artwork by Calima, of a sea shell coated in a gold paint depicts my theme of the sea life exhibition.
This monotonous yet detailed and interesting artwork by Kim Gyu-jin shows a total of three crabs doing what they do best, which is to play fisht with eachother.
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