Color My World

I absolutely love this art piece! The colors are extraordinary. There's so much going on. I really like the face that's shaped into a tree .
I added this piece to my gallery because of the colors. I like how the body gestures are made into a circle. The way acrobats bodies bend is really amazing.
This is my favorite piece so far. I really like this piece and its use of colors and shapes. One of my favorite shapes are circles; so its really interesting to see an artists create an entire piece out of circles and lines.
This painting looks like a photograph. The painting looks very realistic and the use of colors are inspirational. The detailing in the girls face and dress, the grass, and flowers are amazing.
I added this piece because it's so simple and only uses a few colors. I like the moon in the background; very yellowish.
I added this piece to my gallery because of the colors. The woman in this painting is beautiful and I love the expression she has on her face. She looks ***** but also mexican at the same time. Her hat looks like a basket of fruit.
I like this piece because there is so much going. Your eye doesn't know where to look first
I like this piece because it can be self interpretive. I see two strands of hair and a yellow blouse that has a cleavage.
I love the color combination in this piece. I added this to my collection because teal is one of my favorite colors and I love to dance. This piece is inspirational to me. I would purchase this art work and put it on my wall
I like this piece because of the few colors that are used. This is a very interesting poster that was screen printed.
This is my second favorite piece in my gallery. I love how the flower is turned into a record player and the cat is laying with butterflies flying around him. The cat looks so peaceful int he field of grass and flowers.
I like this abstract painting with numerous of colors. I like the use of geometrical shapes.
This is very different than anything I've seen before. I really like this painting. It looks like the sky is white and the grass is red; which makes me think if there was any inspiration to create this painting.
I like this piece because it's so modern and fits into the pop culture.
Poppies one of my favorite flowers. I like how simply drawn the flowers are in the painting. I also like the flow of the poppies. The path of the poppies remind me of the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz.
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