Storytelling through Pencil and ink

This gallery focuses on pieces of art that were drawn mainly by the use pencil and then colored or inked, depending on the artist. The point of this gallery is to display works of art that tell a captivating story through its visuals alone. The artworks selected must have been made by pencil and/or pen and tell an engaging story just by looking at them. Most of the works presented here are very detailed but not refined and are more akin to sketches and drawings than paintings. These artworks can range from environmental pieces to surreal works of art.                               -Jose Francisco Rojas Gonzalez

This piece shows what appears to be skeleton screaming inside a warm lit building. The skeleton does have skin but is missing his left hand and is in an unknown room. Many interpretations can be made as to why he is in this current situation. It be more metaphorical.
The piece displays a grim setting with no vibrant colors; mostly black, brown and white. Even in this gloomy setting we see people walking by. The question arises, where are those people heading to? How'd it get like this?
Here we see a man playing the fiddle sitting on top of a barrel. His clothing and posture tells us a lot about him. Even with his face hidden away, we can assume his line of work and attitude. His posture is very relaxed and his clothes that of a boat man.
In this drawing it displays a ship that appears to have almost crashed on this unknown structure. We see people on the ground and on top of the rocks looking over the ship. The situation is quite outlandish. How did they find themselves in this situation and what are they doing to fix it?
This piece is not colored but still conveys a story. The buildings at the forefront and in the distance give a sense of atmosphere. The people forming a circle dancing at the center. Just by looking at it without context you are left to wonder, for what reason are they dancing?
This pieces has the trees at the fore ground. We can see it takes place in a bridge with houses in the background. The place gives off an eerie feeling with its long, tall tress and deserted setting.
In this piece we see a warrior with armor pointing forward. To what he is pointing is unclear just by looking at the drawing. We can see what appear to be his comrades in the background, also in armor.
In this artwork we see men rowing a boat with a man at the from of the boat taking center stage. In the background we can see mountains and what appear to be building. We can only make assumptions, just by looking at it, as to where they are headed.
Here we see a ball room with many people socializing. With the amount of people displayed here, it appears to be a big gathering. Thanks to the way they are dressed, we can easily presume they are of higher social status.
This piece is quite surreal with its imagery. A lot is going on which makes it all the more fascinating when analyzed closely. We can see ships at the ocean with many creatures along side them. They appear to be hybrids of men, horses and serpents. The story that you can interpret from all this imagery alone is pretty astonishing.
Credits: All media
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