A collection of art that has stood out to me, with a variety of different styles.   I chose these based purely on aesthetics.  They have in common use of movement and contrast as well as strong lines and colors that work well together.

One of my all time favorites, the brush strokes are short to add more movement. The style is called painterliness, where the brush strokes are visible instead of carefully blended.
The focal point is popping with brightly hued primary colors surrounded by tones and shades of secondary colors.
This is a successful non representational painting. It looks like the light is coming from behind. The use of texture and color gives movement and makes it interesting to look at.
This expressionist watercolor makes me want to visit, also I happen to love totem poles it brings me back to my childhood when I visited indian reservations.
This is a literary painting, meant to depict a written work of art. This is an underwater kingdom from fictional Russian literature.
A beautiful building that used to have gold on it, now it is restored and houses a small art museum with a beautiful marble facade.
An abstract of a plane crash. The colors and lines are adding movement.
I'm wondering if this scene was actually these colors in real life, but this painting is definitely an abstract.
Another abstract painting, almost non representational. This is meant to depict a bombing.
Credits: All media
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