Broken pieces

"Broken Pieces" pays tribute to the abstract art.  Abstract art is one of my favorite styles of art because it often has vibrant colors and very sharp lines.  The combination of these elements make up a piece of art that pops in any room.  Abstract art is known for breaking the mold of traditional realist art.  The majority of the art featured looks as if it was broken pieces of glass.  So my gallery is appropriately titled, "Broken Pieces".

This is the piece that inspired my collection of works. It is visually appealing because of the sharp lines and contrast of hues. There is so much going on in this piece but if feels balanced.
This piece follows the theme of broken pieces but the fragmented foxes bring focus and conceptualization to the painting.
Many of Woo's works define the true abstract art form. This piece seems like it could be put together like a puzzle. The wooden crate is the focus of the piece and ties the whole concept together.
I really like this piece because of the contrasting colors and oblong geometric shapes. I could really see this as a centerpiece rug or if it was on the wall I would like to be made of felt.
I chose this piece because of the space. The 3D imaging is immaculate! While the fragmented centerpiece is the focus the background gives this an overall balance in concept.
This is not Woo's traditional style but still falls under the abstract arts. To me what really ties this piece together is the negative contrast.
The geometric shapes of this work are the essential focal point. The shapes and counterpoints of line and color make this art pop!
I chose this painting because it resembles a waveform and music is what I live for. The simple color palette and geometric shapes bring out the concept and life to the painting.
This is the quintessential idea of abstract art. This is non figurative or objective, it simply expression of feeling through a tangible medium.
Like the other pieces in my gallery this one really draws the eye in because of the balance in shapes and contrasting colors.
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