The Renaissance

I chose to do my art project over the Renaissance period. To me the Renaissance was one of the most influential times in our world. It was a point in time when forward thinking began and this would lead us to where we are today. 

I had to make sure that this painting was in my gallery as it is the most important painting from the renaissance. I could not find the actual painting on this site so I had to use this copy.
This is another great painting from da Vinci. This painting depicts the last supper before Jesus is crucified on the cross. It is one of my personal favorites
To me this is a very interesting piece as it shows realism and a bit on fantasy. I also noticed that this is the only painting that I found this is from this time period that is housed in the U.S.
This painting shows how artists were viewed by religious figures. Raphael was commissioned by the Pope to create this altarpiece. The renaissance artists' paintings focused a lot on religion.
To me this is Botticelli's greatest piece. I remember learning about this painting in high school and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous.
Raphael painted this portrait of Pope Julius II before he painted The Sistine Madonna. I suppose he did such an impressive job on this painting that the Pope brought him back for more paintings.
This is a self portrait of the great Leonardo da Vinci. I thought it was crucial to include this in my gallery considering he is perhaps the most famous painter from this time period and of all time.
This painting depicts when Gabriel visits Mary to inform her that she will be the mother to Christ. This painting is said to be one of da Vinci's earliest paintings.
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