Each of the following sports requires different types of physical training--some even require more than one type of training.  Use your knowledge gleaned from your Introduction to Weight Training class and answer the following questions associated with each slide.

What types of lifts/exercises would be beneficial to strength train for this exercise?
Is this athlete working primarily upper body, lower body, or both equally?
What types of weight training exercises can help with achieving the balance needed to compete successfully in this sport?
Is this person engaging in aerobic or anaerobic exercise? Could it be both?
What is the primary muscle group used while competing in this sport?
What is more important for this sport--strength training or cardiovascular training?
What type of plyometric exercises would be beneficial for someone participating in this sport?
What type of interval training would this person do for a short Olympic race of 30 kilometers? For a long race of 140 kilometers?
Are these athletes working primarily upper body, lower body, or both equally?
In addition to strength training and cardiovascular conditioning, what other types of exercises would be useful to compete at a high level in this sport?
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