Xavier Flores color Gallery

In this gallery I would show the element of color which has to do with how u visualize the art piece.

This picture represents split complememtary because the colors in the painting they are paired up with each other like orange and green
This picture is a example of complimentary because it shows blue and orange and other colors that makes the contrast stronger
This picture is a picture of warm colors because in the background it has a dark color and also the man has a dark red color jacket which shows warm colors.
This picture is an example of tetradic becasue the green is dominating the other colors and then the other colors are light
This painting is a tetriary painting because there are onen primary color and one secondary color that are mixed and it makes orange so thsi is an example of it.
In this painting it shows primary colors because primary colors has to do with red, yellow, and blue and this painting it has those colors so it is primary colors. Also becausee there is more red and yellow and blue.
This picture show analogus because the blue and white on top is mixed and it is showing those colors are dominating the other colors.
This picture shows cool colors because the colors that are shown here are blue and light green which makes the picture look calm with the lightnes of the colors.
This picture has secondary colors because thier are some colors that are mixed to make a color like green and orange that is in the picture or pianting.
This picture is an example of monochromstic because in the picture ther are some tints in the painting and also their are some shadows too.
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