corruption of innocence

This gallery is about the loss and corruption of innocence because of adults

This shows loss of innocence because the cat is attacking the birds trying to kill them. It is taking after its ancestors and hunting.
This shows corruption because these tanks are most likely being used to kill or harm people during time of war.
This shows that the child has not loss his innocence, he is doing no harm to anything he is just observing whats around him with his parents. His parents aren't doing anything to subject him to corruption on his innocence.
This shows the corruption of innocence because these two people are fighting with swords and other weapons. This shows the concept of war in our world.
This shows that this baby has not yet lost his innocence, he is being held by his mother who has probably just recently given birth to him. He hasn't been showed how cruel the world can be yet.
This majorly shows the corruption of innocence because these people are standing around just watching, while this person is being burned alive in front of them. They didn't even do anything to help they just continued watching.
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