Demons in Northern Renaissance Paintings

The Theme of our Exhibit is "Demons in Northern Renaissance Paintings. Through out the semester we greatly discussed holy figures and the importance of their depictions in painting as well as their roles in popular bible imagery. We are choosing this theme to draw comparisons and perhaps raise questions and conclusions as to why and how demons were depicted in these settings by different artists from various regions of Northern Europe. We will also focus on how visual representations of evil were similar and different during this time period throughout various regions, as well as raise questions as to how these unearthly creatures got their prominent image. Each painting represents popular themes and imagery used during the Northern Renaissance and each depicts a demon for different/same motives and purposes. The paintings in this exhibit contain popular themes and imagery used in Northern Renaissance painting, and each has their own motive for depicting demons. The paintings compliment each other because they are produced from different regions, the artists lived within a 200 year span, and they share a common medium but have contrasting styles. We chose to discuss paintings in only one medium, oil. because it could draw attention to how each region and artist used oil differently, especially in their various representations of demons. Exhibit Group contributors: Brandie Dziegiel, Gabrielle Farley, Naomi Ellsworth, Cain Landry.

Created by Flemish Painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder, this painting depicts a chaotic scene of a battle between angels and demons.
Supposedly by French artist Dreux Bude Master this painting depicts the Crucifixion of Christ and harrowing of hell.Various demons are shown above and below Christ as he gives salvation to the lost.
Created by German Painter Lucas Cranach the Elder, this painting depicts the dark side of melancholy and its demonic fans that remain present through this arduous Medieval temperament.
Created by Netherlandish artist Hieronymus Bosch, this painting depicts "the art of dying" and how evil such as the demons depicted, try to persuade the dying into hells hands with money before death.
Credits: All media
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