Swords honor, ceremony, and prestige

Swords. Many things go through our minds when we hear the word. It could be a Roman soldier, a samurai, a nobleman, or a king. There are many swords in the world that no longer serve a purpose in combat only in ceremony. The Mamaluke sword was a gift from war, that the marines incorporated into their culture. once used in battle extensively but now is used for ceremony in the United States Marine Corps. They are used to denote a leader that has proven themselves through various. Many swords have reoccurring themes, mediums, uses, and even shapes. Many warriors throughout time have trained extensively to properly wield a sword. This makes the sword a highly respected or revered object. In many countries around the world, mainly Japan, there are small shrines that house a holy blade. A holy blade is a sword that has been put to rest to never be used to take life. These swords are taken apart cleaned and purified, when they are done they put it in the shrine where ceremonies are held every year to pay respects to the ancestors who wielded them. Instead of gaining honor through wielding a sword one can now wield prestige.

This is the ceremonial sword of or for Ada Ogun. It was made in the 20th century form brass and serves only for ceremony or ritual. Yes this blade goes beyond the time frame for the exhibition.
A Roman long sword used by calvary or a legionaire. The hilt is carved out in a Celtic manner and is made of iron and bronze. It was found at a Roman fort near Hod Hill
The blade is either German or French. It is made of iron, metal, and gold. The blade has been stamped on both sides by the smith who forged it. The blade is used mostly in Heraldry.
A sword belonging to a Viking. It is a broad sword made of iron and metal. The hilt and the pommel were used to block or deflect attacks.
This double edged sword was made in the Bizen Provience by Osafune Nagamitsu. This blade was rare because it stepped away from traditional single-edged blades. It has the style of the Karakuna period.
Not much information was available on this magnificent work of art.The blade is decorated with geometric patterns running the length of the blade adding to its majesty. A Chinese sword made of bronze.
This sword was found in situ at a known iron age burial site. The hilt is adorned with 37 pieces of iron, bone, bronze, and red glass. The purpose of this blade was to be ornamental and used in burial
This sword is unique only because of the way it is made.the steel for the blade is placed in the ground for about 3 years to corrode the weaker metal away. The steel is put together in a clay fire pit
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