A picture is worth a thousand words.

This photo by Lam Wai Kit is 1,000' wide by 750 millimeters high. In this photo, you can see the distinct lines of the door frame that makes a perfect picture frame for the girl's face and upper body, separating her from inside the house. The way the curtains appear to be blowing is an example of movement and rhythm.
This photo taken in 1898 is is a good example of space and shapes. If looking at this photo in the small snap shot, it looks like there is a lot of open space in the distance, past the fields. But, if you enlarge the photo, you will see that the open space is actually the sky. However, you will also see that there is a lot of space in between the various clusters of trees.
This 148 x 96 millimeters photograph by Archibald James Campbell is an example of proportion, when comparing the size of the bushes compared to the trees, as well as the proportion of bushes to the women.
This black and white photo of Coney Island Amusement Park taken in 1944 for LIFE magazine shows the intricate details of the amusement park rides showing graduation of the various rides.
Another photo for LIFE Magazine is a picture of the Metropolitan Opera. If you zoom out on this picture, the people in the seats are so blurred, its hard to identify them as people, giving this photograph the appearance of an abstract painting.
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