MAdeleine`s dance collection

Art can mean lots of things not just picking up a pencil and doodling.If you think about it, dance is a type of art because when I dance I express my feelings by moving my body and making it flow, like in this picture.The reason I chose this picture is because of all the hand moves and the body and face expressions. why i also like this picture is because its in black and white and in my opinion black and white is very attractive.

This picture reminds me of a farm barn dance because of all the body movements.I also like this picture because of the way they point there feet is well.
This picture is one of my favourite pictures because of the way it flows and makes me think about how she moves her body that elegantly.This dance picture also reminds me of an army piece because of her costume and facial expressions.
I like this picture because of the shapes there making together.I also like the way they make a diagonal line between their arms and feet.
I like this picture because of the way the ladies are balancing on the sides of the man.and the way their hands are so precise and so elegant.
I love this picture because of the way it looks like there are two robbers meeting each other and the way they are so focused on what they are doing.
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