Rome Religion

This sculpture is a Rome God of boundaries and crossroads. The herm was a formation that god shows their head upon a pillar.
Constantine's reign marked the turning point in Roman History. He adopted Christianity as the official state of religion , because he wanted guidance to help him win his battles.the coins show Constantine with The god Mars, the sun-god Sol, and then with the Christian God.
This is a Romano- egyptian mummy found in egypt about 150 A.D. This mummy shows the traditions of the Roman Art style and the Egyptian tradition of life.
The goddess Isis can be identified by this painting by her elaborate headdress and her "Isis knot." Her headdress is a transparent veil with many floral elements, and she carries a staff and wreath of pink flowers. The worship of Isis eventually developed into mystery religion and spread throughout the Mediterranean due to the carefree afterlife they believed she provided.
In this sculpture we see the late famous roman Mithras killing the bull. you can also see the snake trying to kill Mithras. you can see the detail form the blood on the floor to the emotion in Mithras' face
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