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I chose this painting because I am a big fan of African-American art. I like the way it shows a couple possibly early morning or evening who seem to be discussing life. The house is not perfectly tidy, the furniture looks old, and the style of the clothing looks post-slavery or even possible during slavery. This picture has a natural essence that draws me to it.
This picture was definitely a random choice. The fact that this is a buckle made from ivory with so many hand-carved details is interesting. It makes me wonder exactly what the buckle was used for and how it was used. The teeth on the buckle have me puzzled unless instead of the modern concept of a buckle it was used to clip onto something to remain in place. Not sure but I really like this piece of art.
This display of art brings to mind a hammock hanging from a tree. The feel of the art work is fun, free, and laid back. It makes me visualize having a room inside my home with multiple hammocks hanging from the ceiling. This artwork makes me want to design a happy room in my home. The bright colors of the design give life to the darker room.
At first glance, this photo immediately reminds me of a photo of downtown Pensacola. This position and style of the buildings are similar. The car are the same and even the street lamps are positioned similar. I'm not sure where this photo was taken but it's eerily similar to historical downtown Pensacola. Even today downtown Pensacola still has the same buildings standing. Of course, unlike the photo street lights have been added and the streets are much more populated now but the same basic structures can be identified.
The sankofa bird has been of special interest to me since taking a class in African-American history. It is a traditional bird for the Akan people of Africa. It represents the acceptance and nobility of going back/behind to pick up or retrieve something from the past. The head on the bird is always depicted turning towards the back. Looking at this photo I believe this may have been a piece of artwork that was included in a traditional religious ceremony. The cross and hearts give off a religious feel but I can't think of any other reason to place them on a comb except for religious practices.
The young lady in this painting was once the babysitter of the artist. I chose this picture because it immediately made me laugh. Her expression is priceless and one of not wanting to be bothered. The slight drooping of her top can almost be missed because her expression is what instantly captures your attention.
The hand-carved designs on this elephant are very meticulous. At first glance it looks like random carvings but a closer look leads me to believe there may be actual meaning within the carvings. I chose this pick because as a child my mother had an elephant themed living room. None of this quality but it reminded me of my mother's elephants.
I would definitely hang this picture in my kitchen. It has the classic look of what earlier kitchens looked like and the modern feel in the design of the wine glasses. Not sure what wine glasses looked like in 1758 but I love the tone and feel of this picture.
Honestly, my initial reason for choosing this picture disappeared after looking at it a second time. At first it looked like a woman balancing work and home life but I don't get that feel anymore. The non-human characteristics given to the woman and the man holding the clothing are confusing. And I cant tell if it's sassy, fun or serious business. Either way I still like the picture.
I chose this coin because it looked interesting. Unlike American money I see no obvious depiction of a political figure. The coin looks dated so the hand encryptions seem appropriate for the coin. I have always wanted to collect coins and just to see another coin from a different country and era is nice.
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