Balance- This artwork shows symmetrical balance because the images are exactly the same on either side when you split it down the middle. The walls, the decorations, and the people are the same.
Repetition-This artwork shows rhythm because the same shape is used throughout the work. However, the shape's size is changed slightly, getting smaller at the top and bottom and larger in the middle.
Emphasis-This artwork shows emphasis because your eyes are immediately drawn to the flame in the middle of the artwork. This means that the flame is the focal point of the artwork.
Contrast- The colors of the two images are completely opposites. On one side of the image, the sky is white. On the other side, it is black. This contrast is applied to all objects within the image.
Unity-This artwork displays unity because there is a consistent texture and color scheme throughout. Also, it depicts a normal setting in nature, and there is nothing out of the ordinary.
Proportion- This artwork shows proportion because the people in the picture are extremely small compared to the trees.
Variety- This artwork uses several different elements. We see different shapes, colors and lines throughout the image that catch your eye.
Motion- This artwork shows motion because it depicts people dancing. The way the artist paints the people highlights the motion of dancing.
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