CLAR 209 SUM 1: Sculptures [JC]

A collection of visually interesting sculptures                  1.    Garden Vase by Jan Albrecht Siegwitz             Made of Sandstone, this baroque style vase was created between 1725-1730 and stands 1.58 meters tall


2.     The ‘Borghese Gladiator’ by Sigisbert-Martial Michel                                                                       Sculpture of marble created in in the 1700’s, not much is known about this European piece. Its subject matter is a seemingly strong young man, the assumed ‘Borghese Gladiator’                                                      3.     Sant Jordi by Fidel Aguilar                                    A sculpture with elements of terracotta and iron, it is inscribed with the phrase “Per la fe i per la patria” [For faith and fatherland] It is a depiction of a warrior in the act of stabbing some mythical creature.                        4.     Henri IV as Charlemagne by Francesco Bordoni

Made of white marble with gilding for accents, this Italian piece stands 1.9 meters tall. Sculpted to honor one of the two kings who pushed the completion of the Trinity Chapel. Part of a larger set, in this regard.                      

5.     Figure of Athena by Roman (100 AD – 200 AD)            A bronze statuette created in the 2nd century AD depicting the goddess of War, Athena. Depicted with many of the usual defining pieces for a statue of Athena: a Medusa head, Corinthian style helmet, shield, and, at some time, a spear.

Credits: All media
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