Everyone is different from one another; we consider these people to be "the other." The sociological definition of the other is: an individual who is perceived by the group as not belonging, as being different in some fundamental way. 

The other can be defined in many ways. One example could be as the enemy. This man could be a robber of some sort, so we consider him to be "the other."
Another way the other can be represented is as an outcast in society. These three drawings are examples of outcasts. People that we consider different from ourselves, are what sticks out in our mind.
"I reflected many, many times to myself upon how the American Negro has been entirely brainwashed from ever seeing or thinking of himself, as he should, as a part of the nonwhite peoples of the world" (Malcolm X)
Another way that the other is expressed is as someone whom we have been at war with or that we show hatred towards. We consider these people to be the enemy, as this picture depicts.
This painting shows that people are fighting against each one another, good versus bad; another depiction of the other.
The other can also be defined as words or actions, said or done by people. Some are outright with what they want to say, which distinguishes them as different than people who keep to theirselves.
This painting shows multiple versions of the other. One example would be, If you look closely towards the middle, it says, "No colored allowed. White only." This shows that whites view colored differently from themselves.
What this painting shows are the stages of war. From the beginning, to the battle, to mourning, and then death. We fight against people that we consider to be the other, as shown here.
Lastly, the other is someone that we consider to be different. This picture displays someone that is unique, who stands out, and who we consider to be "the other" in our eyes.
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