ALyssa Dillard's gallery

Pieces that caught my eye. 

I chose this piece because it made me think about life and how even though we might not bloom at certain times we eventually will and will beautiful again. The medium is Ink.
I picked this because it caught my eyes and a friendly reminder of nature. Medium is ink water color ink
I like this drawing because it shows the tiger always ready for anything and thats how I see myself. The medium is Graphite pencil.
I chose this because it made me think of the world and how confusing it is but also beautiful like a puzzle. The Medium of is Acrylic and Pencil on canvas
The work gives me a sense of freedom and sense of wonder because of the openness in the background and wonder of what would be done with freedom. The Medium is Acrylic paint.
When looking at this I thought about moving on and starting something new in life like a new seed was being planted in life. The Medium is acrylic paint.
The moon drew me into this painting thats why I picked it. The medium is also Acrylic
This made me think about my life in the way of having really bad days and everything is clouded nothing is clear and I just want to do nothing and hope it helps. The Medium is Acrylic and spray canvas
The narrow path of life and the road to success that I want in life. The medium is Acrylic on canvas
This reminded me of real life the painting just reminds me of a cold night. Medium is Acrylic on canvas
I chose this because I always would rather be near water and on a boat. Medium is Oil on canvas.
This was really strange but it caught my eye so i liked it. Medium is Oil Painting
This reminded that we all die and are all the same no matter our lifestyle or how we were born we all die and are the same. Medium is Charcoal.
This is just beautiful to me. The Medium is Charcoal.
The world is filled with so many people and they all listen and see but nothing changes its like a bad cycle that wont end. Medium Charcoal
Credits: All media
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