Tracy's Landscapes

I like how there are different perspectives: far away and close by. I also like how tame and cool the colours are.
The colors are very relaxing and I love mountains. The simplicity of this landscape is what really attracted me to it. As well as the mountain's structure.
I like the darkness of this image and how the trees are clouded over the scene. There is something about scary things I like a lot and this image gives that sort of creepy aura.
The mix of colours in this painting is truly fascinating. There are dark colours and bright colours which blend very nicely giving it a mixed aura that really interests me a lot!
I like how this painting shows that it is in the morning and the human in the boat. This makes the image a lot more realistic and extremely beautiful.
The name of this landscape is: Landscape with a Calm. However, I see a kind of excitement that doesn't seem very calm! This is what made me want to know more about this beautiful painting landscape.
Credits: All media
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