Attack by art

My gallery depicts the use of space and shape to portray a story or define a point.

The space between and above the figures allows the "ghosts" to float and seem as though they are coming from the humans. Almost like their spirits. The colors also provide a spooky atmosphere to give off the appearance of death.
Acoustic instruments use their shape and inner space in a way to make their sound better. The shape helps the sounds to resonate inside to produce a great harmony while the balance of space helps to allow the music to move.
Contortionists use shape in order to portray their art. The shape they take on and their use of space can transform them into objects. This use of shape and space can make our minds believe that the person actually becomes the object they are trying to mimic.
This piece uses a lack of space and creates space from it, or rather the illusion of space. The figures up front are larger and using perspective the figures in the distance are smaller and more faded.
This ship is in the foreground but in the back...Nothing. This is my favorite use of space or rather empty space. It brings the eye to the ship while realistically depicting the endless ocean.
This statue is a representation of the human body. Its shape suggests that it was meant to be viewed in full 360 degree view and is to show of the physique of an adult male figure. Unfinished portions would suggest those areas werent considered as important.
This work of are uses shape to its maximum potential. The shape of this auditorium is used in a scientific as well as artful way to enhance the acoustic sound in the room. The space and size of the room help to amplify and echo the sound greater distances.
This piece uses a narrow and unrealistic perspective to show off the city. The shape of the city gives off the impression that its the artist whole world and they are leaving it behind. The limited space would also suggest this.
Going along with my theme of shape this peice of art is contorted to give off the impression of the hard work involved in shoveling. It has a dirty looking color which suggests its continuous use.
Art is always better when it takes effort and skill to achieve. The artists behind this dance use perspective and space to illustrate a scene of movement that makes the dance come alive
Credits: All media
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