How texture can mean so much

Brandon Hylton 

In this painting i love how the artist was able to truly have water look like water. This was not just while i chose this as a choice to add he was able to get even the reflection of other things he painted to blend in to the water to get a real nature feeling
In this water color painting first thing that truly caught my eye was the drapes how he was able to make them have the bend an curves that they was a real cloth feeling.
in this painting i found it just amazing how he was able cover so much texture of cloth wood blended together in such a small space but still clear enough for you to understand
In this pic was truly one of the first i picked on that caught my eyes that he could make brick and stone of the buildings have such a dramatic texture to them
In this painting it was nice to see how he was able master what bamboo looks like even with the stitching of the chair where you get the feel that it is not just one solid seat.
In this painting it truly has a amazing 3d effect that you could just image what it all looks like. How the light bends just right to give that dark hard wood a real texture that it is cleaned very well
With this painting the artist didn't try make local neat and new. I say he sure did give it the real wood effect even down to where it has been carved into.
In this painting i found it nice how he could show the difference between wood and glass .
I was amazed how this was able to look 3D with be able see through the first layer of paint to see the other side of the Glass on how it curves around.
I loved how the artist didn't give to much detail to his texture but his clothing gave you and idea of what type of person this is.
In this painting it caught my eye where he could give a dramatic change to the curves in the Cloth like texture that is given. then how he still has it look cloth even with stitching that was done in the arms.
When you look at this might not seem like much but this artist was able show how cloth looks and with the change of how hair is different. also how the skin texture is smooth like carved wood.
In this painting i liked how the artist was able just truly give you that real old skin texture that he is an older guy.
In this picture i just found it amazing how there such a variety of texture in the trees, sky and ,water you can tell them apart very well. For a painting
I found this one also to look amazing where this texture truly looks like a fluffy bunny. true fur almost as if it was a picture taken.
Credits: All media
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