During the ancient roman times they also had a religion as we do and worshiped gods but one thing that was also really interesting is that they believed that some leaders were decendents from gods. For example Caesar was believed to be a one and therefore his son Augustus was believed to be son of god. They also used gods to motivate their people to make do what they want like the god Mars he was the god of war. He was one of the main motivations that they had to go to war because Romulus was his son and they believed that they should follow the example. Then they also showed their respect by sacrificing animals to them to to worship them and for leaders they had the right to put their face in the coins. They were both considered to have the most power over the roman citizens.

Augustus was Rome's first emperor that started the pax romana. He was the adopted son of Caesar. He also was was considered son of a god because of Caesar that made him get worshiped. He started the second triumpharant and took over control after winning Marc Antony and Cleopatra at the battle of Actium. He also used the power of imagery to unify the roman empire during civil war and embarked a social and reconstruction reform.
Caesar was born in a the patrician class, he went going up in social rank and got to be governor of the Spain province. He created the first triumpharant with Crassus and Pompey. They both helped him become governor. When Crassus died Caesar and Pompey fought and Caesar won and got in love with Cleopatra. Then he was the named governor of Gaul. Then when he went back to rome he named himself consul and dictator. Then he was considered a god. Then the senate didn't like him and stabbed him 23 times.
Zeus was the gods of the gods. He had the ultimate power in the olympus and was the one that was most worshiped and had more power. He also controlled the sky and the earth and when he was mad they say that he sent lightings down to earth. Therefore he was the most important god.
Alexander was the son of Philip the second and when his father was assassinated he quickly took control and defended macedonia from it's enemies. Them he went out and conquered the Persian Empire and defeated them without losing even one battle. When he finished he had an empire that stretched over 3 continents. Then he became "The Great". This made him be worshiped by people over his empire. Then he died of a fever.
Mars was the God of war. As the roman legends they say that Remus and Romulus were sons of Mars. Then when they created their army they always mentioned him and Romulus and how he will help them. That was one of the main reasons that the roman army was so powerful and how they grew.
There appers an animal being sacrified a god. This was what the romans did to worship their gods and ask them something that they need and want. they also showed respect by doing these. They mostly asked person things like disease cures so they can be cured.
These are coins which have the face of Augustus on them. These show respect and power to one that on power and that was Augustus. They also believed as I mentioned that he was a son of a god. Therefore they did many things in his honor such as putting his face on the coins.
Hades also known as Pluto was the god the dead. He lived in the hades and he decided weather or not you would enter in the Hades. Therefore they worship him after the death of a family member of somebody loved. For example the greeks did Cremation Games in honor to the Dead.
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