Animal Kingdom

This general theme of the animal kingdom demonstrates the inspirations gathered from the strength, power and grace of animals. The gallery illustrates the impact that animals have on humans in their daily lives and thoughts. The exhibit shows the many mediums in which artists use to express their emotions associated with their animal of choice. Animals are often a favored piece to represent emotions because they portray a wide variety of characteristics such as serenity, a fierce nature, power and strong instincts.

The elephants represent a calming feeling in the painting.This piece fits because it illustrates grace and power in the animal kingdom. The artist uses neutral tones to convey serenity.
These sculptures depict a common household animal that is seen as sly and cunning. The feline is a welcome creature that possesses grace and beauty in the community.
This piece depicts power and strength with every stride of the horse in motion. I felt that the artwork fit within this gallery because it is a strong representation of the contrast of power and grace.
The hare illustrates a quick and reactive nature. I thought it fit into this gallery because it is a contrast to the grace and calmness that animals often offer. The hare is poised to run at any time.
The lion is a stark contrast to the hare. As a predator, it fits into the gallery by illustrating brute strength and hunger. The lion is often viewed as majestic and the king of the animal kingdom.
The donkey contributes to the animal kingdom with it's resilient nature. The donkey is often used as a pack animal as depicted in the sculpture and is known for its stubborn personality.
The sculpture of the lion in this piece contributes to the majestic nature of the animal. This animal is often seen as a king and I thought it was appropriate to reinforce that theme in the gallery.
This piece of art portrays a strong partnership, bond, and ability to coexist. While most animals are either predator or prey, I thought it was important to include a depiction of animals coexisting.
This piece illustrates the ruler of the animal kingdom, man. Originally I was going to focus on the buffalo, but I realized that the impact of the picture lies with the actions of the human.
Finally, this artist chose to portray man as an innocent figure. The child knows no sin and happily coexists with the dog. Both are animals with very different roles in the animal hierarchy.
Credits: All media
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