The Epic Roman-Yousef Art Museum

The Roman culture is a full of different cultures like for an example the Greek culture being a great part of it that influenced the way Roman society and philosophy was shaped. In this museum exhibition we will be seeing Roman busts and small statues. I believe that the items I have put together in this magnificent exhibition are all tied together because it is most bust of people and emperors so this shows that the Roman society had alot of talent with metals and stones,also the way artists skill evolution through time. Also the statues and busts were very well made so that means they were very skillful and also knew how to manage metals and ceramics.  So hope you like the following exhibition! 

This is the bust of a Roman Noble man and we can clearly see that it is made out of I believe it is some type of fancy rock and means that they had a lot of resources to work with and also that means that at that time the Roman artist had great skill
This is the bust of a woman looks to be made out of bronze or a fancy type of stone. The interesting thing is that the artist painted the woman’s eyes with an unusual type of paint so that means they are getting better with their skills
This is a Roman bronze sculpture and it is a very interesting piece because it is holding what I believe is a flower and also it was made with such perfection that it is unbelievable. That Roman bronze sculpture was part of a bigger sculpture
This is the head of a man that is probably Cicero. The important part of the head is the perfection of how they made the hair because I believe that the material that the head was made of it was marble, and marble is a hard material to work with only a chisel and a saw
This is the bust of a young man and it looks like it is made out of a black stone. It is very similar to the bust of the woman that we saw before but this one was made a bit after maybe by the same artist in a different time period
This is the bust of the head of Cleopatra it is made out of a fancy stone that is black. The interesting thing is that the tunic is made very accurately to what it would look like if you were there. Also another interesting feature is that Cleopatra has a crown and pharaohs didn’t have crowns
This is a mini statue of a young adult that was depicted in a small statue. It looks like it is made out of bronze and work with fine tools. The artist had to take some time to make such a perfect statue that is so small that it would have taken him about 4 week or less
This is the head of Serapis and it is very interesting because the size of the head looks big but it is actually a medium size head. The head is made out of pure marble and work with very basic tools and is amazing accurate as it would be seeing the person in real life
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