Love of the renaissance

Depicting love of the Renaissance, often combining more than once person. Several works include cupid and Venus. The major coloring of this Gallery is deep reds, greens, golds and browns. Often including female nudity, which I believe is showing intimacy.

When I first look at the painting, I notice the colors. The deep reds, gold, and browns are very noticeable. Cupid is showing Venus the mirror, the thought it gives me is that Venus must love herself.
Once again with deep reds, browns and gold tones. This image shows Venus holding Adonis' hand while it looks like he is being cared for by a doctor of source. The love and passion is very noticeable.
Gold, red and browns, typical of the Renaissance. Cupid is writing a list, while doves surround Venus' feet. It looks as though Cupid is taking notes on the "perfect man" for Venus.
This work has much darker tons, more dark browns, with hints of gold and blues. Venus is reaching to cupid with Mercury looking shy from behind her. This painting portrays a sadness or desperation.
This work stands out differently because of its coloring. Much greener, brighter, still with some deep brown and golds. It shows woman and man holding each other watching another younger man play flute
This painting is much different than the others. It has many more colors, although still golds, reds and deep browns. The admiration of the painter for the women is obvious, as everyone else looks off
This work contains mostly browns, some hints of gold and red. It shows a man playing an instrument to a woman. It seems as though he is courting her and trying to impress her.
Deep gold, reds and much brown. This work shows Venus, being held by a guard, or knight. with cupid at her feet. The man is covering Venus, giving the impression of protection and love.
Including deep red, greens and browns, this painting continues the theme of the renaissance. Venus is lying beautifully, day dreaming perhaps. You can almost picture her thinking of love.
Including dark reds, browns and golds. This work includes Venus yet again, being held tightly by cupid. As an organ player is behind Venus, gazing at her from the distance.
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