Discord of Regular life

(Part Two of Discord Of Society) This will contain the discords or negatives/disharmony of everyday life. From Arguing with your neighbor to all-night-every-night-partiers. These pictures will hopefully, mostly relate to at least one person.

Yearning for Freedom Whilst that might not legitimately mean the Freedom we've come to know, these children could be yearning for going outdoors in a bad neighborhood.
The Solitude of an Episcopal room An elder woman sits in her rocker with a book reading in the solitude of her room.
Tackling the freezing weather A young woman, a nurse, tackling the difficulty of the snow on an undoubtedly freezing cold day
Make-shift family. This orphanage shows particularly some of how many families have either wanted or couldn't keep their sons for various reasons. Whether it be they wanted to be pregnant or not.
Friendless Innocence... This picture shows how many children don't have friends..why they can't abide in each other? Mental Disorders? Too shy? Trauma? Up for you to decide.
Cards against Illness This shows pictures of four hospitalized men and two nurses. The men seem to have "resorted" to playing cards out of most likely bored or loneliness.
Elder's Chair This elder man could be sitting his chair looking off possibly out a window, or just contemplating why maybe his family or friends haven't visited in a while.
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