Color Schemes

This artist uses complementary colors between the subject and what I guess I'll call that frame painted around the subject, to create a stronger sense of emphasis on the subject. Having the "frame" as a complimentary color to the background.
This artist uses black and white to create strong contrast between the two subjects, showing the artists or the subjects' deep difference between the two, one being black, the other white.
This artist uses cool colors to create a mellow mood, or a very calm, cool situation, with very litte movement. It also creates balance, and has almaost no contrast.
This artist uses warm colors to add a hot and dry feeling, and a very warm feeling, almost as if you can feel how the subjects of this painting feel just by looking at it.
This artist uses analogous colors to add similar tones and mood throughout, and to give the viewer more of an idea and sense of how the subject and setting feels. Which in this one appears to be hot.
This artist created this painting with monochromatic color to represent the constant mood and sense this gives off to the viewer, a cool and calm sense.
This artist uses primary colors to create a strong representation of contrast within the separate subjects in this painting, along with the color(s) of the background.
This painting shows many secondary colors, with few primary colors, and it has a lot of blending and different shades/tints of colors. This gives the painting an interesting representation, and gives it originality.
Credits: All media
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