Same Beat, Different Brush - Peter Murray

This gallery includes different stylistic representations of musical instruments and musicians around the post-impressionism period.

The artist used fine lines to create an outline of a guitar, instead of actually painting a guitar. The guitar is emphasized with the color blue, resting on the white musical staff paper.
Two girls are sitting at a piano. The friend watches as the other plays through the piece, note by note. The lines are thin and gently used to give a warm feeling to the painting.
A glimpse in the cubism movement. The lines are precise and the colors contrast to emphasize each image. The violin and guitar key features are hinted at within this art piece.
This piece is unique as the instrument isn't clearly presented. Instead the woman seated, has the body of a guitar. The lines are thin to define the body, with a shadow of a human in the background.
Here is a painting of a violin, it's bow, and music sheets laying on a wooden table. The use of proportion and shading gives the view of standing over the instrument.
This is a piece of a guitar, glasses, and newspaper lying on a table. The shapes are rigid and nothing is life-like in nature. The table is straight, yet the guitar looks unbalanced.
The Musician's Table is a piece of inspiration. The multiple canvases, Greek face sculpture, and the carafe are a display of the many categories of art.
A guitar sits in a box with a musical staff book laying on the outside. Sitting by the water presents a sense of peace. The rigid shapes and figures represent the formality that music always has.
This piece still has an impressionist influence, showing a woman sitting at a piano. She sits in a light colored dress in front of the warm colored window. The improvised sounds blend with the scene.
A peaceful day, women are both working and relaxing. A girl in the foreground entertains her friend with the flute. Their presence is emphasized with their white dresses against the green field.
Credits: All media
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