GB-Clare 209 Sum 1 Paint

In this gallery, the paintings are all scenic views, I chose to group these paintings to give people something to give them aid to find true beauty to the world around us through paintings. Although there isn't many characters in these paintings, the content that is in the painting helps give an idea of what the painting is about.

The abstract view of this painting gives a unique view on the scenery in this painting.
Although this is a dark painting it gives the viewer the interpretation that it is an eerie night with the clouds helping dim the sky over the water and the village.
This painting also gives an abstract view of the scene with not giving a clear picture yet giving a clear idea of what is going on.
The depth in this painting gives an idea that the land in which this scene is based is vast, the artist made a majority of the painting sky to help give the perception that this land goes further than what the painting shows.
The scenic outlook of this shoreline view gives amazing depth and has more than one focus, there are many different bits of content that can been seen as the subject matter .
Credits: All media
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