The Beauty Of Earth

The beauty of earth and how the residence try and capture it. Nature follows in servant patterns and will always follow those patterns no matter how humans try to interact with nature and to try and defy those set laws. In some cases when humanity tries to capture nature we make beautiful art instead.

This image depicts the sea and the land with a rather large tree right along the shore near a small sail boat. The colors are natural and how humans work with nature to survive and vis versa
This is a classic painting of a fruit bowl. The strong sense of lines and shading give the image a realistic feel. The artist painted this image in season when apples grow and depicted their beauty.
This is a dying tree and shows that it is at the end of this life cycle. the shading and the use of lighting gives this image the morbid feel that is needed to describe death as a beautiful thing.
The hollyhocks are realistic and use colors and depth to illustrate there beauty and how lovely they appear but their beauty is lost rather quickly and they usually follow a v pattern when the grow.
A Wreath Wattle is depicted here and depth plus shading give this plant a grim feel and a less living feel and shows how diverse nature can be. It seems to branch and grow similar to vine like plants.
Dead leaves can also be beautiful and will always have a place in this world to be reused as food for new plants. This image use depth and shading to show the morbid nature of this image.
Nature can sometimes overgrow and this is what this painting depicts. It uses shading and color to illustrate the wonders that nature gives us everyday of our lives.
This depicts the mountains lake and valley below and the humans living in harmony with nature. The colors and layers to his image show the waxing and waning of which nature goes through with seasons
An image that depicts a mirror like lake and an aged and dying tree that uses shading and depth as a way to explain the simple beauty of the world that natural exists if we just take a moment.
The simple life in which humanity and nature live in harmony. This uses bold line and shading that gives this image its sense of self. This drawing has common trees that have the v branching pattern.
This is a farm in the middle of natures greenland and lakes which is common due to the rich soil that is usually found by lakes. This uses color and perspective to create the illusion of large fields.
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