World Wars

The World Wars played a drastic role in shaping the world that we have today. The World Wars destroyed thousands of towns, villages, and even entire Countries. We should never forget the devastating effects the Wars had on the people, and the overall world. Everybody suffered during both World Wars. The World Wars are one of my favorite point in time in History because they way countries bonded together to fight off the Allied powers was phenomenal. 

This postcard shows an accurate image of the roles Men, and Women had during both World Wars. Both Men and Women had important roles, which ultimately contributed to our glorious victory.
The Japanese were fierce warriors. They trained hard, and were very disciplined. They had a very high code of honor and fought tremendously hard to defend it.
This photo gives an accurate image of the war efforts, from a different point of view other than America.
The world wars took its toll on many people. People lots homes, family members, everything they ever owned. It was a rough new beginning for countless people.
This poster shows that total mutilation and destruction that people faced during the war. People became consumed within their self, with PTSD and other dramatic events.
This photo shows the devastating effects war had on entire cities. Many people do not fully grasp how much destruction took place in towns, villages, and cities.
This propaganda poster gives a very accurate description on how the United States gained support for its troops during the World Wars.
Not everybody who joined into the war efforts were not always of military background. Many of the people who joined came from different backgrounds such as farming, cattle, industrial settings, or from working behind a desk.
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