Dante and hell: Intertwined souls

Docent: Connor Goodwin

There is no epigraph for Inferno, but a quote that I selected to go with it is: "Paradise was made for tender hearts; hell, for loveless hearts." -Voltaire
Some universal themes of Inferno are that sinners are justly punished by God, and that God's justice is perfect, for example, the gluttons have to eat excrement. Inferno is all about the punishment of sinners. The Last Supper, as told in the Bible, is about Jesus accepting God's perfection and being willing to die for God's plan.
The underlying tone of Inferno is one of morality. Those who are immoral in life, whether they live a successful life or not, are punished by God's perfect justice in hell. However, if you are a good Christian in life, you are spared from Hell's fury.
The historical setting of Inferno is in 1300, however, the work was probably written between 1308 and 1314.It was first published in 1314. Dante descends into Hell on Good Friday, and follows what is assumed to be the path of Christ out of hell.
This sculpture depicts the so-called "Gates of Hell." In Inferno, Dante describes the gates as huge and forboding, with an inscription that reads "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." However, I think Dante would appreciate these gates more, because as his gates are huge and are obviously point out Hell, these gates are smaller, and the connection I made is that the gates to sin can be very small, and harder to spot than you would think, which means sin is easy.
The Thinker represents Dante, because Dante's character goes on a journey of self-transformation throughout Hell. He went from feeling pity for the sinners, to realizing that they deserve what they get, and that sin warrants extreme punishment. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-ras9CGECKoQB1RUjJSKkpYH1U6Hbm2arngbBwGl3zY/edit
This drawing is a depction of some of the last Circles. I feel that a drawing depicting the circles is a great place to link my Mandala of the Circles. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1k6vT_BngjfOs_UijSZ5seljVmNNcXmNFryMMhRTHbZM/edit
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