A Museum Exhibition

Conor Brown & Jan Colston

This is an extremely unique piece,the structure has a lot of concept of depth and the boat in the front of the isle could be some new arrive to the Island. The trees give it a more natural look but also adds to the dark appearance of the piece.
We like the usage of light and shadow in this piece. The trees are at a perfect angle for the sun. Upon viewing it closer there are several groups of people walking up the trail to enjoy the area.
This piece appears to blend the color of these to the point of an almost impressionistic work. The colors a bit more muted than the brightness of the other pieces we have picked.
We selected this one due to it being calming and relaxing. It has a peaceful nature about it. The combination of the sky, clouds, blue water, white sand and green grass is very appealing.
Again the use of light shinning into the valley is very calming. The separation of the trees and the peaks of the canyons give this piece a lot of scale.
The contrast of the dark clouds and water against the bright flash of the lightning and boat sails is very beautiful. It also serves as a reminder that while this is quite beautiful it can be dangerous as well.
The depth of this is what first attracted us to this piece. You can view the tranquil scene to the mountains in the background, it appears to be a place you could really get lost in.
The usage of the bright blue and purple in the front to the muted green of the trees and white of the sky shows quite a contrast of colors. This is very aesthetically pleasing.
The floating lily pads and the tranquil pond is very pleasing also the field seems to go on forever, implying depth. This is definitely a place you would want to spend a lot of time at.
The usage of different colors in this piece that is very appealing. I also like the mirror image of the trees and sky in the water. Their is a guy canoeing, a waterfall, pink sky, and a mill. The artist did an excellent job of details even the mill has writing on the front.
We definitely like the bright yellows, muted browns and hazy sky. It also appears as if there is a couple staring off into the valley or town below. It reminds me of the view from the top of Rock City.
Credits: All media
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