Principle of Scale/Proportion

Hierarchical scale is depicted with the Peter the Great being the larger figure. This represents his higher status
The artist uses hierarchical scale to demonstrate the power of the goddess in the center in comparison to the other figures
Minimal scale is used for both God's hand and the cluster of people in the hand suggesting an intimate relationship. Size of the hand is also larger in proportion to the people, suggesting God's power
Hierarchical scale is used to glorify St. Nicholas of Mozhaisk
Hierarchical scale depicted through the large size of the Virgin and child symbolizes their religious importance
The monumental scale of the hat, hand, and fish head are used to poke fun at each item and break from reality
The art of the bobblehead doll uses an unrealistic proportion of the head in comparison to the body
The monumental scale of the Statue of Liberty serves as a national symbol of freedom and liberty
The larger proportion of the breasts, thighs, and butt accentuate the womanly figure while the smaller proportion of the head could represent knowledge is inferior to looks
The hierarchical scale of the male figure in the hat further supports his overwhelming power depicted in the sculpture
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