Unit one: Journeys

Theme: PRIDE -Gilgamesh was a man of great pride, throughout the reading he began to feel inferior, in order to protect his self pride he participated in all things self rewarding. Throughout all of the Complete Persepolis, Marjane was tested with trials and tribulations quizzing her pride, as a young woman in a country allowing now female rights, her true character and feminism did shine.

Even though the people of the country were no longer allowed to party, or drink alcohol and there was a high risk for punishment if caught, they continued to do so. I find this to be really deep. Fully aware of their countries rules and regulation, the Marjane and many others continued to do what they loved, being themselves. To me this is a great sense of pride in yourself. (page 154 Persepolis)
During her years at the University studying art, Marjane challenges the teachers and faculty numerous times, arguing the veils, the art subjects and the philosophy to get into the school, her great pride was highly respected by the interviewer she was paired with. (page 143 Persepolis)
In the younger years of Marjane's life she was very close with god, until a situation caused her to lose sight of him and his good for her, later in life she once again becomes connected with her spiritual side and her life starts to piece back together, he was her support system, her pride and her self confidence (page 53 Persepolis)
Marjane and her parents were of a higher social class than many that lived in their country at the time. Stemming from distant royalty they lived comfortably, enough so to send Marjane to Austria to study. Marjane was raised to challenge authority in an insightful manner and in doing so she showed much pride in herself. (page 26 Persepolis)
During the war that took place in Iran, much of the citizens actions were fully controlled by the army, no public affections by those not married, no partying or drinking and no hair shown by woman. In this picture I imagine this country looking very similar, and the pride of the people that lived there to be diminishing. (page 76 Persepolis)
Resembling very much Marjane and how important her education was to not only herself but her family, this woman is shown readying on a bus, something that I imagine Marjane doing throughout her youth. (page 147 Persepolis)
During the seven days that Gilgamesh slept, the keepers wife brought a piece of bread a day, letting each of the previous day's bread age. In doing so Gilgamesh woke up believing that he wasn't ever asleep at all, which is what he was asked to do. (tablet 11, line 225 Gilgamesh)
The last leg of Gilgameshes journey includes his travels across the ocean, much resembling that of Noah from the bible. Following the completion of this mission he emerges as a completely different character. He still remains prideful, but also much deserving of this feeling.(Tablet 11, line 30 Gilgamesh)
As an offering to the Sky God, Gilgamesh and Endiku place a wooden door in the sacred temple. Made of only one tree (oldest of the forest) it was immaculate in size and beauty. Believing that they did nothing but good in the slaying of Humbaba this was their gift to the God.(Tablet 6, IM 25 Gilgamesh)
Depicting the head of Humbaba, After the slaying of the servant of the god, Gilgamesh and Endiku float back to Uruk with the head of the monster on the front of their raft. Showing how prideful they are to have killed the beast. ( Tablet 6, Line 300 Gilgamesh)
In order to uphold and reassure his self pride, Gilgamesh participated in battle, defended what he sought possible along with making all around him aware that he was in authority, at least in his own mind. (Tablet 1, line 35 Gilgamesh)
Even though Shamhat, was a woman who mainly bared her gifts in order to change Endiku into a more civilized being, she still was highly respected, so much that Endiku later blessed her in hopes that all her men would be rich. She transformed a beast into a more humanly being. In my opinion I feel that she is prideful and righteous in being so. ( Tablet 2, P 110 Gilgamesh)
In my eyes this is a depiction of Gilgamesh. With his power and authority he was able to supply himself with many women, most of which were married or soon to be wed. (Tablet 1, I 75, Gilgamesh)
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