Devin Grandberry - Spray it don't say it

My gallery will be heavily focused on the beauty in street art. Some view graffiti as destruction and vandalism when a lot of times it is beautiful artwork and some even containing a message for viewers to receive. Spray it don’t say it, to me is the what the mind of the artist had intended for the piece painted. Each of us will have our own unique view on what we see. Whether we focus on the bright colors and lines, or the abstract patterns to a possible meaning. What do we truly see in street art? I will explain what I see. 

This clearly being several different people who have painted this wall shows the incredible ability to work around another piece yet they all coexist in a beautiful combination of colors. What stands out in this is the line work, along with the abstract build of the letters. It is very common in graffiti for the art to be abstract and seem chaotic all while remaining a beautiful display of art.
This piece is incredible. Though it is abstract, the lines and patterns are formal. The usage of bright contrasting colors along the cool color of blue makes this piece appear extremely bright. The location of it was a great choice as well with the trees and flowing grass being painted, it meshes very well with the actual grass on the ground.
This piece is very unique and reminds me of ancient Egyptian art or even African art. The lines, patterns, shapes, and overall design of the people depicted on this wall are great fusions of the way people were depicted in art many years ago, along with the bright colored and abstract designs of today.
Though it isn't as complex as many of the other street art I have selected for this gallery, it is still a very nice piece of work. The usage of shapes and lines to paint a person but not giving it human features is very creative. The only thing "human" like about this figure is the way it is painted to lean against the wall as a person would during conversation. Also something to notice is how tall this painting actually is.
This is by far my favorite piece of the gallery. Personal views aside, I enjoy the lines and colors surrounding the figures in the middle of the wall as well as the usage of shapes filling in the figures. The wall below it appearing to me much more busy yet following the same color theme as the one above, it is still easy to grasp the industrial feel from the trains and busy lines depicted.
This is a unique piece and very cartoon appearing. My focus was to the piece to the right, and its usage with shapes, lines, and the color of the building. Using the black background, the artist created a solar system with planets that art brought to life with the happy eyes and smiles.
This is an amazing piece and the location I thought was interesting. The usage of the black and white along with the dull sad look on the people depicted in this piece is one of the few pieces I see in street art that appear sad. The figures facing away from each other opens avenues to many meanings to be taken from this. Not being filled with busy lines and patterns, the accurate illustration of a person is done very well in this.
This was interesting to me because, how often do you see a giant hedgehog painted on a wall. It is always really interesting to see something of nature painted along a wall. The focus points on this, other than the hedgehog itself is the gradation from pure black to light revealing the prickly coat of a hedgehog using many short lines varying in width.
This is by far the most simple piece chosen to be in this gallery. The point of the gallery being what you see, and what you think the artist may have intended, One line, and one color, yet still noticeable. The red used making this noticeable along with the line resembling the lifeline/pulse you would see in a hospital. The thought of anything related to the heart and life and make the simplest of art seem powerful due to whatever meaning may be taken from it.
I enjoy this piece because it focused on patterns and lines rather than bright colors. The patterns similar to african art and tribal symbols is interesting. The lack of colors and the use of the contrast of white to black is very eye catching. The lines and shapes depicting three women with only the faces being the human like feature is interesting, Also with a closer look is how similar the faces are, with slight details making them different.
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