Diversity, community & abadonment

We see the theme of diversity in both Jane Jacobs “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” and Dashiell Hammet’s “Red Harvest”. This exhibit reflects upon the importance of Diversity and the outcome of its absence and presence. Jane Jacobs teaches us that a successful neighborhood, town or city is one that is diverse and is shared that way, and one that it separated into groups i.e. rich or poor is one of the issues we face in this world. I believe that Red Harvest shows one of the outcomes from lack of diversity and that is abandonment, crime and violence. Allowing diversity in a community will allow us to work together as one and bring more peace to the world.

A non-diverse area that is only full of low income people results in the abandonment of buildings and houses, which we see in various places in Philadelphia. City abandons poor areas
No one should feel invisible, no matter what economic class you are. We should be judged by our hearts, not our appearance.
Higher income v.s low income. People shouldn't have power with how much money they make, but how many people they can effect and influence.
Top = non-diverse Bottom = Diverse. More interesting, more vibrant.
What a community/city should not only look like, but also feel like.
Keep classes and races separated is the opposite of what we see in the photos. Love, Compassion, Team work.
All different classes, races, ages of buildings and businesses can all combine to make a strong and powerful city/community.
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